Construction Industry Business Loans

Whether you own or operate a construction business that is just getting off the ground, or has been in business for decades, you will likely always have a need for small business loans that are custom tailored for your unique industry.

10MinsOnline Application

Less than tens minutes to complete forms.

24HrsFunding Decisions

Quick follow ups by our funding team.

48HrsWire Funds

Instant bank wire transfers for all clients.

From concrete pumping equipment to heavy-duty welders, work trucks to hand tools, there is always equipment to purchase, supplies to order, and payroll to meet when you operate within the construction field. Smart business owners know that it pays to partner early on with a reliable source for small business capital – and at Merchant Funding Solutions, we specialize in creating custom tailored loans for those who operate within the construction industry.

Time in Business

Minimum 12 Months in Operating

Annual Revenue

Minimum $100,000+ in the past 12 months

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